Corporate Team Building, Incentives & Staff Rewards

White Kat Beverage are wine distributors & an events company that provides customers with a unique, educational and enjoyable wine experience. We provide a “value added” service, to those attending conferences or meetings to enhance their experiences with team involvement and building. We work with your conference while you enjoy your stay at one of the local costal resorts.

Below are just some of the ways in which we enhance and customize team-building activities. 

1. Food & Wine Matching

This can be designed to match any menu. We provide a range of wines from local, Victorian, Australian and International wineries.

2. Wine Appreciation

A selection of quality premium wine is chosen to suit the participants. Sessions can include tasting notes, team discussion, blind tastings etc.

3. Interaction/ Team Building

A range of different interactive Q and A programs can be developed, leading to a fun but knowledgeable outcome. These are great for a quick team building activity and can be as short as 15 mins to 1 hour.

4. Wine Nights / Meet the Wine Maker

Customised nights can be included during your stay. These events are designed to facilitate team building, enhance client relationships and create a relaxing atmosphere for all.

5. Educational

Wine education is a growing industry and people seek such knowledge to expand their tastes and perspective of different wines. How tannins, acids and other wine terms can be used in wine description, can empower and provide a confidence to each and everyone. There is a range of different topics we can customize to suit your client and staff needs.

6. Corporate Gifts

WWC can arrange gifts that are perfect for staff, board members, committees, volunteers and others important to your company’s growth. They can be Thank-you’s, Christmas gifts, Birthday gifts or any event that will benefit your company by spreading the word of who you are. We use only quality wines to compliment your company’s reputation.This can be designed to match any menu. We provide a range of wines from local, Victorian, Australian and International wineries.

7. Visit Vineyard / Brewery

WWC can arrange visits to local wineries and Brewery’s. We introduce you to the owners or the wine makers, tour behind the cellar bar, try current release & older vintages, see the vineyard and discover how the wine makes it to our table.

How can this fit into our Conference and meetings?

These activities can take place:

1. During lunch or Dinner – rather the just eating this is a chance to engage with others.

2. Down Time – The hour before lunch or dinner or included as a happy hour

3. During rotations – include as an additional workshop

4. Set aside time for team building


This can be on an hourly rate or per course depending on your requirements. Please advise your requirements and we will quote accordingly. Contact Katrina on 0401 769 558 or

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